Kyoto traditional

I can't believe more than one month has already passed since my last post!
It's not that I don't have anything to share, but I am enjoying my free time a lot and can't find time to update this blog (which takes a lot of time).

For today, I selected a few pictures to illustrate some of the traditional Japanese aspects you can find in Kyoto and around.
Hope you'll enjoy it!

Player of traditional koto instrument

Kyoto cuisine

Manshuin temple garden

Yabusame festival with horseback archery contest

Yabusame festival

Yabusame festival

Traditional theater in a shrine

Local festival with portable shrine 

Koi painted by children for children's day

Aoi matsuri parade, imperial palace

Aoi matsuri parade, imperial palace

Tori tunnel, Fushimi Inari temple

Traditional wedding, Kitano Tenmangu Temple
groom and bride in traditional wedding costume

beautiful bride

typical prayers left in shrines

Kyomizu-dera temple, dragon festival

Traditional Kyoto sweet confection called yatsuhashi (made with rice flour, sugar and cinnamon)

Modern twist on traditional mochi, with strawberry inside
Green tea plantation and harvest in Uji, South of Kyoto

Needless to say that traditional Kyoto is my favourite Kyoto.
I am in awe at the beauty of traditional textile and how colours and patterns are combined in traditional costumes. Amazingly inspiring!
Ah! If I was a texile designer!

Traditional architecture and housing is superb. Love sliding doors, tatami mats, bamboo sun protectors, traditional gardens. I wish I could build ourselves a typical Japanese house back in England, even if I suspect it wouldn't be great against cold.

We still have one full month before we leave for holiday (around Japan). We will enjoy it to the max!


  1. Àurea29/5/15

    Hola guapa!!! Qué bien saber un poco de ti y ver estas fantásticas fotos que nos abren una ventanita de Japón. Me encanta leerte disfrutando. Cómo consigues comunicarte por allí? hablan bien el inglés?
    Te mando un abrazo enorme!


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